Tap into the tokenization ecosystem

Opportunities for investors to access unique investment opportunities or creators to raise capital for their businesses.

Tap into the tokenization ecosystem

Ocean of opportunities for token issuer and investor

Investment opportunities for investor

Explore the vast opportunities to invest inde domains of Art & Collectibles, Venture Capital, Mid Cap, and Real Estate.

Fundraising for issuers

Access the network of potential investors to find fundraising opportunities for your token.

Investor relations & corporate housekeeping

Corporate housekeeping and investor relationship management with simplified processes and reduced cost.

What Can You Tokenize?
  • NFT Token Development

  • DeFi Token Development

  • BEP-20 Development

  • Cryptocurrency Development

  • Crypto Coin Development

  • Metaverse Development

  • Solana Token Development

  • Polygon Token Development

  • Ethereum Token Development

  • Tron Token Development

  • Utility Token Development

  • Security Token Development

Invest in tokens that becomes an investment

Invest in tokens that becomes an investment

  • Seracle provides investment opportunities to invest in a complaint and regulated tokens after the successful completion of KYC and AML/CTF verification.

  • Become an owner or fractional owner of a project as tokenization makes an asset highly divisible, allowing investors to enter & explore untapped markets.

Invest in a compliant token with Seracle!

Global investors can invest in the compliant tokens

  • KYC Verification - Transaction Monitoring, Anti Fraud, Document verification

  • Accredited Investor verification

  • Self Custody

  • Institutional Investors

  • Individual Investors

  • Custodian opportunity

  • Securities Recovery

  • Voting


Here's how token development can benefit your brand and users

Token development for your Brand

What Can You Tokenize?

Get the edge over your competitors by creating a higher brand value and a professional outlook for your business.


Increase your community presence and explore untapped audiences and markets through your token.


Tokens earned can be traded in cryptocurrency exchanges. They act as a good store of value that compounds over time.


Partners across industries that are trusted by the world!

Why Choose Seracle?

Skillful blockchain developers

Tokenization of your assets is executed by expert developers and advisors.

Multiple blockchain support

Choose to create your token in any blockchain that you desire.

Multi-grade security

Different security measures and audits to ensure a high-value token.

Quality assessment

Products run through a rigorous quality assessment before deployment.

ICO launch

Extended post-development service like ICO launch for initial momentum.

Technical support

Prompt technical support to maintain & run token pre & post-development.


Curious? We have answers!

Innovation creates curiosity, and we are here to address the queries of curious minds. Let's walk you through the most enquired queries.

What does an asset tokenization platform do?

Asset tokenization platform helps you convert any asset into a tokenized asset. These platforms are equipped with the expertise and technology required to convert an asset into a token.

How can you invest in tokenized assets?

You can invest in tokenized assets through advice from experts who help you identify a law-compliant token and consider the investor's interest.

Does Seracle offer a post-tokenization service?

Yes, Seracle offers post-tokenization services of management, maintenance, and growth along with marketing the created assets.

What can I do with my created tokens?

Tokens created can be either used as currency or shares of your platform. Project owners can use their tokens for offering access to dApps or ICO, ownership proof, loyalty rewards, governance, voting, etc.

How safe is the token development process?

The token development process is secured multilevel right from token modeling to deployment.

What are the steps involved in the tokenization process?

Tokenization of the asset includes the following steps:

  • Business Consultation

  • Wireframe

  • Token development

  • Token Launch


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