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With the exponential potential of its use cases, NFT Marketplace offers to be an astounding business proposition. Seracle's ready-to-use and instantly deployable service is your gate pass for entering the NFT Market hassle-free. With our marketplace development proposition, our team of experienced professionals offer an immersive user experience.

Mint NFTs across chains

Although there is a lot of noise around NFTs, there are barely any reliable explanations that outlive the hype. Seracle's easy-to-navigate NFT infrastructure supports minting and managing NFT across chains. You can group your collections and publish the minted NFTs whenever you like.

NFTs Minted


  • NFTs suited for artists, gamers, musicians, real estate, fashion, fantasy sports, etc.

  • Supporting blockchains of Ethereum, Polygon, BSC and many more.


What Makes Us Better?

Auction & Bidding Module

Give your collectors the leverage to
choose between the Auction & Bidding
module through our NFT infrastructure.

Decentralized wallet integration

Create the hype for your collections
by allowing users to bid & purchase
through the wallet of their choosing.

Verified Sellers

With Seracle NFT infrastructure,
verify buyers & seller to build
credibility amongst your users.


Catering NFT development for different industries

  • Entertainment & Fashion

  • Sports & Gaming

  • AR/VR

  • Insurance

  • Music & Art/Collectible

  • Domain Name

Launch your NFT marketplace instantly!
  • White Label NFT Marketplace solutions assist businesses to adopt the trend of NFTs and the advantages of blockchain technology. Market-ready products are being the pillars of startups to introduce themselves to the market instantly at ease.

  • Whitelabel solutions support entrepreneurs and business developers to start their hustle and build revenues instantly without much expenditure.


NFT Studio For Your Business

Seracle's generative algorithms, team of artists and experts help you in developing generative NFTs hassle-free.

Official and Authentic NFTs

Stand apart from the noise with distinctive
and uniquely created NFTs by the best
artists and creators in space.

Community Reward Program

Leverage your community to expand your
NFT collection reach with the best in class
community reward programs for your users.

No Platform/Service Fees

Users of the NFT platforms built by us
are not charged any service fee to
interact with the platform.

Web3 and Web2 Support

Seralce's NFT infrastructure caters to both
Web2 & Web3 by attracting users to pay
in card as well as crypto wallet.

Pay with Card for your NFT

Our infrastructure is integrated with payment
gateway like Checkout.com and more.
Invite the fiat users to the world of
digital art via pay with card.

Expert 24/7 support

Keep your platform running 24/7 with our
round the clock support from the experts
to tackle every situation.

Explore Intellectual Property Based NFT Marketplace

Seracle NFT is the home to official and authentic NFTs of renowned brands & artists. Explore, collect, buy, earn and much more.

Explore Marketplace

Why Build An NFT Marketplace?

NFTs are hot and brands are undergoing a metamorphosis following the moguls like Lamborghini, Nike, Adidas, Coca-cola, McDonald's, etc. to name a few. Our NFT infrastructure announcement is created to help brands enter the space with zero hassle. Seracle Web 3.0 infrastructure is built to offer a cost-effective, quick, and robust platform for brands who like being ahead of their time.

Benefits of an NFT Marketplace

  • Bridge the creators with collectors

  • Provide high liquidity

Curious? We have answers!

Innovation creates curiosity, and we are here to address the queries of curious minds. Let's walk you through the most enquired queries.

What are NFTs?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are the digital tokens that are unique from each other and cannot be replaced with each other.

How much does it cost to create your NFT Marketplace?

NFT marketplace creation depends on the various factors like the NFTs artworks that are listed on the platform, blockchains that platform supports, and so on.

What are the services offered by Seracle for NFT development?

Our NFT development services include NFT Marketplace development, NFT Metaverse platform, NFT Studio, NFT developments.

What do you mean by whitelable NFT marketplace?

Whitelabel NFT marketplace refers to branding and customization of our existing NFTs infrastructure as per your requirements and presenting it to your potential customers.

How would I secure my Intellectual Property while developing an NFT platform?

Seralce NFT infrastructure offers minting of NFTs pegged with intellectual property of our clients to safeguard their interest. Intellectual property details are stored on the blockchain at the time of minting thus safeguarding your interests.

How will the platform ensure safety of its users against scam sellers?

All the sellers to be listed on the NFT platform developed by us must be mandatorily verified if the client chooses to develop a web2-web3 NFT platform. Our verification partners SumSub and Hyperverge run a rigorous check on the registered profiles.

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