Image Processing

The technical discipline that deals with the computer algorithms to get an enhanced image to extract useful information.

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Agriculture crops, x-ray, ct scan

Image processing helps in analysis of the parameters to be precise and less time consuming when its compared to the traditional methods. Our algorithm helps to reduce the major concerns in agriculture such as water stress, use of pesticides, monitor irrigation and providing data, sorting, grading fresh products characterised by color, size and shape.

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Pattern recognition is recognised a sub-section of machine learning which involves classification and cluster of patterns. Through identifying patterns, the system can recognize familiar patterns quickly and accurately, even if the object is partly hidden it can be identified, recognize shapes and objects from different angles.

To understand the progress and results of processing, we generate image processing reports.

Every new research is trying to make machine as intelligent as human for recognising patterns. We’ll help you implement the numerous applications of pattern recognition such as crop analysis and soil evaluation in agriculture sector.

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Tensorflow model