Healthcare Software Solutions

At the door of healthcare, cognizance is a solution and being a part of the convergence Seracle marvel healthcare technology as a prime driver.

We'll Help You

Tracking data

The emerging advanced technologies has changed the way we track, manage and evaluate our health needs. We’ll help you track wide-range of healthcare data that reflects their daily activities and various physiologic parameters

Secure your data

We understand that privacy protection is important and focus on establishing a healthy collaboration between the tech and healthcare industry in order to ensure the advanced technologies used for healthcare purpose in our daily life provide not only the useful and reliable information but also protect our privacy.

Implementing cutting edge technology

The modernised Healthcare sector is utilising AI and machine learning to reduce human error and build a virtual simulation environment for accuracy. Seracle is providing all these services to the Healthcare sector along with the IoT kind of things to enable the asset tracking, inventory management system, pathway tracking and many more things to drive the Healthcare industry into a modern age.

Maximise your data and build better public services.

What We Do

Seracle offers you with healthcare management consulting services that increases your business profitability, maximises the quality and reduces the cost.

On the Healthcare platform there is a ruling combination of high pressure & poor timing in this case technology reduces the time consumption, maintain the electronic health record, track the health and safety related incidents, track the patients record, staff & patient coordination, automated communication among every individual in the sector, and many other minute things. Seracle squeezed all these services efficiently on the improved technological platform with the help of Healthcare software and applications.

Our specialised monitoring system are designed to suit healthcare professionals’ specific requirements.

Technologies We Work With

Video recording

Machine learning

Image processing