Government Software Solutions

Seracle Emphasizes on the security, longevity, and capabilities by utilizing cutting-edge wireless technology and cloud computing to reach the objective.

We'll Help You

Handling bulk data

We focus on building strong government software solutions by applying machine learning which helps in planing smarter strategies.

Analyze and implementing solution

Our TomTom API offers easy real-time information about traffic jams and help drivers to make a better decisions which saves time and make roads safer. We’ll help you with detailed data about average speed, incidents and delays with their causes.

Automate public services

Seracle helps you reduce paper work and legacy system by automating the process. Online services offers greater access for rural population,improved quality of life and options for for those whose work and lifestyle demands don’t conform to typical daytime office hours.

Maximise your data and build better public services.

What We Do

Together, we’ll create a strong foundation for your services – through infrastructure, application and data architecture, and business logic requirements. We’ll automate your processes, allowing you to grow your public sector services, both in volume and geographical presence.

Technologies We Work With

TomTom APIs

TensorFlow machine learning model