One-stop solution for crypto exchanges

Easy, ready to use, cost-effective, rapid implementation, customizable, and highly scalable Whitelabel solution for your business needs.


What Sets Seracle Apart?


Unfolding the intricacies of Blockchain for our users and making it a household name for businesses. With unmatched quality and 100% customization, we take pride in delivering unique.


The liquidity layer provided to our exchanges ensures that the exchange is unaffected by external volatility and price fluctuations.

Sound Technical Expertise

Seracle is an amalgamation of tech-loving people and tech-building people; every step we take at Seracle is meticulously planned for our users.

Eliminating Root of Your Issues

We grow only when YOU grow! With a wide array of Blockchain Development Services, aim to scale your business not just by being just another solution provider but by unraveling the roots of your hurdles altogether.

The Human Touch in Blockchain

We take pride in calling ourselves a people-centric company that is building Blockchain services with a stir of passion and compassion.

24x7 Support Services

A business should have no hiccups, and our 24/7 support service ensures a seamless client journey.

Competitive Trade Infrastructure Development

  • Process large spot trading orders smoothly at the most competitive pricing.

  • Offer optimum trading leverage to your users by utilizing their idle assets as collateral.

  • Institutional adoption of crypto trading is rising, and your exchange should not be missing the opportunity.

  • Algorithm-backed trading mechanisms that offer dependable and automated trading strategies with quick execution.


A-Grade Security For Your Digital Assets

Our technical experts work in tandem with your needs and deploy wallet development projects that are secure and exclusive to your requirements.

Secure Crypto Wallets:

Users are wary about integrating, remitting, or receiving crypto on an exchange. We pave through the reluctance with our top-notch security parameters of developing an exchange that establishes trust with the users by insuring their funds.

Security tailor-fit for your needs:

Our core competence lies in multi-point architecture, firewall implementation, and effective integration with other exchanges in the industry. We offer flexible wallet security and transaction policy features to address a range of business needs.

Facilitated over 400 Million USD worth of trading volume through the trade infrastructure on whitelabel crypto exchange.


Trade Volume

Dashboard for Comprehensive Insight

Keep track of everything that's happening with easy to understand, detailed and to the point insights across your ecosystem.


Keep a tab on the fiscal of your exchange in an easy-to-understand and transparent interface, all in one single place.

Past performance calculator

Access your performance record and assess your previous performance to get better insights into your exchange and develop the platform better.


Get a detailed analysis of all the transaction trade volume, purchases, sales, and withdrawals executed on your platform.


With in-depth analysis of all the transactions and get a PnL to easily understand the gross profit and loss status.


Work smarter with powerful features

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Easy Integration

Multi-Device Syncing

Customizable Whitelabel service built for your business

Add a power plug to your crypto exchange with our customizable Whitelabel service that is quick, easy to manage, and gives a competitive edge.

Insurance on funds

Limit your risks with our digital asset insurance. What's covered?

  • Copying or loss of keys

  • Theft of keys

Seracle aims to minimize the risks by implementing a longer transaction signing process, requiring multiple users to access vaults, and multi-signature with keys secured offline for safety.


Trusted by 20+ clients globally including Exchange, DeFi, DAO & NFT projects.

Features that Surprise

Experience trading with our Whitelabel infrastructure that works magically but without a wand!

Trade via API calls

Execute trades of large volumes
with ease and minimal slippage
with Seracle's trade API calls.

Rigorously Tested

All the trade infrastructure modules
are rigorously tested using multiple
layers of test cases.

24/7 OTC desk

With a 24/7 OTC desk, we don't let
liquidity act as a hindrance to
the exchanges we build.

Curious? We have answers!

Innovation creates curiosity, and we are here to address the queries of curious minds. Let's walk you through the most enquired queries.

What is a Whitelabel exchange solution?

Whitelabel exchange solutions is a pre-made, tested, and perfected crypto exchange software that can be customized per individual businesses' needs.

How long does it take to develop an exchange with my personal branding and customization?

Development of the exchange with the personal branding depends on various factors, but usually, it is completed in 3 to 4 weeks.

What are the benefits of a Whitelabel exchange solution?

A Whitelabel solution helps you reduce the overhead costs, keep a market-oriented approach, and assure a fast deployment.

How can my exchange get the initial moment after being deployed?

Seracle's Whitelabel service comes with something called AMM, i.e., Automated Market Making, which helps exchanges launched on our infrastructure to gain initial momentum and have sufficient liquidity at all times.

Why should I prefer a Whitelabel solution over building it on my own?

Building an exchange has numerous prerequisites like engineering resources and maturity, industry experience, heavy investment, and, most importantly, time.

A Whitelabel solution will eliminate all these hurdles and help you reprioritize your resources to grow your business.

What should be my initial investment to develop an exchange from Seracle Whitelabel service?

Zero. Yes, developing an exchange with Seracle Whitelabel requires no upfront investment. To know more, get in touch with us at [email protected]

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