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Automated Management
Automated Management

The highlight of decentralization is its foolproof, no intermediary architecture that needs no human intervention to operate smoothly.

Distributed & Transparent
Distributed & Transparent

Build a trusted platform with DLT and leverage the power of blockchain.

Smart Contract
Smart Contract

Execute automatic transactions with pre-set conditions without any human errors in the process.


Add Swap To Scale Your Platform

Let your users acquire the coin they like with instant swap by supporting the top industry coins and currencies and catering to a much wider user base.

  • Instant crypto-fiat transfer

  • Swap XX+ coins/currencies

  • Shift to any stablecoin from a volatile asset

  • Hedge against risk

Attract User With Yield Farming Modules

Seracle's DeFi infrastructure offers meticulously planned yield farming modules that help an exchange partner attract more users to the platform. The module highlights are-

  • Help your users earn more on their crypto assets

  • Induced liquidity by liquidity providers

  • Facilitate crypto trading


Create Pool of DeFi Tokens

Let your users pool their idle crypt assets in a smart contract and provide asset liquidity through liquidity pools.

All Tools in One Place
  • Maximize liquidity

  • Quicker process

  • Convenient to the DeFi ecosystem

  • Faster fulfillment of buy and sell orders

Automated Market Making

AMM enables the user to trade digital assets without needing any permission. Utilize a liquidity pool instead of the traditional market of buyer and seller using algorithms.

  • Deep liquidity

  • Eliminate intermediaries

  • 100% uptimes

  • Law transaction fees


Over 1 million users supported across all the projects using Seracle's Web3 infrastructure.


Users Facilitated

Collective decision-making

DAO is a community-centric module that appeals to users for collective decision-making for the development of the platform.

Governance Proposal

Indulge the community into your business decision through governance proposals for work proposals and improvements.


Create DAO to offer a truly democratic space that allows users to vote on proposals and have a say in the platform's development.


Create a revenue stream through DAO for the community.

Total Control

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Appeal to users by offering a fully automated business structure through DAO and develop loyalty by letting the members run the platform.

Empower your community and business with decentralization

Trusted by 20+ clients globally including Exchange, DeFi, DAO & NFT projects.

Curious? We have answers!

Innovation creates curiosity, and we are here to address the queries of curious minds. Let's walk you through the most enquired queries.

What is DeFi?

DeFi or decentralized finance is the finance service offered using smart contracts on the blockchain without relying on intermediaries such as banks, exchanges or brokerages.

How is DeFi better than traditional finance?

Decentralized finance mitigates all the intermediaries through smart contracts and keeps the user data secure and anonymous.

How does DAO work?

DAO works in a community setup where members of the community propose and vote on the platform's development. DAO does not require an intermediary to execute the majority results of the voting, resulting in the creation of an unbiased and community-centric platform.

Is a DAO different from a dApp or a decentralized network?

DAOs are the type of dApps that are completely autonomous whereas dApps may not necessarily be DAO.

Why should I have DAO on my Decentralized platform?

Having DAO ensures the platform remains truly democratic via governance proposals and voting. As a result, members of the DAO community act only in the interests of the platform.

How is decision-making done on DAO?

Decision-making in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is done via proposal and voting. The results of the democratic voting process is automatically executed by the smart contract.

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