Get listed on crypto exchanges & market your token

Seracle provides turnkey services ensuring a hassle free process and help you save resources & time by connecting the best listing platform.

Competitive Price Points

Get listed on the top exchanges whilst saving with our competitive pricing.

Hassle-free exchange listing

Let us find the best exchanges and get you listed while you focus on your business operations.

Better exposure

With Seralce's years of experience in the industry, get exposed to the best of our connections at the start of your journey.

Helping our clients save time, funds, and resources since 2018.

What does Seracle Offer?

Seracle is your one-spot Listing Partner, which helps you to list your coins/tokens on top-tier exchanges. We take care of all your technical requirements completely. We have a strong bond with all the prominent exchanges in the market. Once your coin or token is ready to be listed, our well-versed cryptocurrency exchange listing agency will ensure your accessibility on the major exchanges.

Exchange listing

With unparalleled knowledge augmentation, Seracle is committed to delivering excellence. We value our customers' success as much as our own.

End To End assistance

Unfolding the intricacies of Blockchain for our users and making it a household name for businesses. With unmatched quality and 100% customization, we take pride in delivering unique.

Long-term Partnership

We are not here to start your business and leave you stranded but sail you through the waves of growth to the shore of a successful business.

Offering and Charges

What do we offer?

We provide an easy listing of your coins on exchanges to fetch high demand.

What's in it for us?

We charge a 5% to 10% commission on listing fees post a successful listing.

Listing Assistance

We help you list the world's top cryptocurrency exchanges and provide you with end-to-end assistance.

Brand building

We help you build and grow your brand by increasing your presence in the crypto community.

Market-Making Support

Seracle provides end-to-end market making for consistent spread and liquidity.

Listing on CoinMarketCap

We help you list on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and the likes to increase authenticity and trust for your brand.

Why Choose Seracle Market-Making?

Market Making is paramount to increasing the accessibility and liquidity of cryptocurrencies to traders and market participants. Market Making is an active strategy designed by Seracle to provide liquidity to both maker and taker.

Crypto exchanges find it burdening to get the initial momentum. Seracle ensures you pave through the first phase through our market-making services. This facilitates high trade volume, lower price manipulation, and higher interest.

Exchange partners


  • Robust liquidity spread

  • Consistent order book.

Coin Listing Marketing Services

Our coin listing marketing services provide assistance in promoting and advertising your digital business to a wider audience and bring in a more range of traction.

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Community Management

  • Influencer Marketing

  • PR Marketing

  • Airdrop & Bounty Program

  • Advertising Assessment

  • Affiliate Program & Marketing

  • Product Marketing

  • Emails, Newsletters & Whitepaper


Years Total Blockchain Experience


Team Experts


Projects Listed

AMM enables the user to trade digital assets without needing any permission. Using algorithms, utilize a liquidity pool instead of the traditional buyer and seller market.
  • Deep liquidity

  • Eliminate intermediaries

  • 100% uptimes

  • Low transaction fees

Trusted by 20+ clients globally including Exchange, DeFi, DAO & NFT projects.

Simple And Flexible Pricing

$ 10K
  • One of the top 100 exchanges

  • Social media announcements

  • Market making dashboard

  • $ 1000/month market making

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Most Popular
$ 25k
  • All features of Basic

  • 2 months ZERO fee trading account

  • Email announcements

  • Press release on Yahoo Finance

  • 1 month free market making

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$ 50K
  • All features of Premium

  • Two of the top 100 exchanges

  • 3 months ZERO fee trading account

  • CoinMarketCap listing

  • 2 months free market making

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$ 100K
  • All features of Premium+

  • One of the top 30 exchanges

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Curious? We have answers!

Innovation creates curiosity, and we are here to address the queries of curious minds. Let's walk you through the most enquired queries.

What are the benefits of crypto market making?

Markets with low liquidity have a wide bid-ask spread, increasing the token's volatility. Market making helps you with:

  • Increases market liquidity and order book depth

  • Mitigates dramatic price swings

  • Assists with fair price discovery

Will I have to be involved in all the steps of the coin listing hunt?

No. You do not have to be a part of the coin listing hunt. For all we need, you can hand out a list of exchanges you wish your coin to be listed on and we will take it from there.

Why is coin listing important?

Coin listing helps your token to be available for trading on different exchanges, thus increasing the liquidity and reach of your token, thus overall increasing the value of your token.

How will coin listing help my project?

Listing your coin on the best crypto exchanges will not only give it massive exposure but also allow you to build the credibility of your token.

How does market-making work?

Market making is the process when a trader or an entity induces liquidity for both buyers and sellers simultaneously in the financial market.

How is liquidity essential for my exchange?

Initial liquidity is of paramount importance to exchanges as it gives them the bandwidth to deploy reward and loyalty programs along with supporting sizable buy and sell orders.

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Let's understand your requirements

Initial liquidity is of paramount importance to exchanges as it gives them the bandwidth to deploy reward and loyalty programs along with supporting sizable buy and sell orders.