Enterprise-ready blockchain solutions for recording transactions, tracking assets and building trust in a decentralized digital edge.

We'll Help You

Encrypted and secure your data

We’ll help you enhance data security and ensure that your data is encrypted. Our blockchain solutions offer reliable and independent data verification.

Data transparency

We work to build trust and transparency between organizations and users. With a Smart Contract, we’ll help you store access-control policies securely on the blockchain.

Buiding product attention and authentication

Seracle blockchain technology solutions provide consumers and manufacturers with product trust.

Maximise your data and build better public services.

What We Do

Requirement gathering helps to identify the needs of different stakeholders. We analyse the requirements to determine the quality of the requirements which includes identifying whether the requirements are clear, complete and compatible.

Our team aims to ensure long-lasting success of your blockchain solutions. We custom-craft a solution applicable to your business, work on creating the prototype and design a blockchain which will align with your requirements.

Cipherhut’s software maintenance and support services offer high-quality services with reliable software infrastructure, resulting in time-proven and future proof maintenance without compromising on software quality.

Technologies We Work With