Application re-engineering

Our experts analyze and work in collaboration to make room for new functionality/features and/or to correct any bugs with the “best fit” technology.

We Will Help You


We help to make your business more efficient by amending performance of your existing web solutions. With the application re-engineering services, we bring reliable and secure system, increasing productivity and increase your overall ROI.


Our services will help you to improve scalability and flexibility of your current software solutions to adapt the cutting-edge business solutions. Application re-engineering will help you boost your competitive advantages, improves your performance as the old business logic is wrapped into new technologies and some part of old applications are reverse engineered.

Diminish maintainance

We make application changes simpler and accelerate effortless maintenance with reduced costs.

Ready to realise your product vision?

What We Do

We understand your business inside out to provide you with the best possible solutions to boost your efficiency and performance.

Cipherhut is capable of developing and implementing custom software application solutions to ensure that the performance of the software is continuously maintained.