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Seracle provides a refined agricultural technology to identify, develop, implement, maintain and empower the business and surpass goals.

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Weather tracking

Having accurate weather information about every part of a field can allow farmers to maximize their yield. We collect as much data as possible about the present state of atmosphere to determine how the atmosphere will evolve in coming weeks.

Soil and water censor

At Seracle, we are enabling smart farming with the help of IOT technology to help farmers save water. We aid in protecting the produce through understanding of soil conditions and through providing an optimum measure of pesticides.

Satelite image processing

Satellites play a significant part in the future of precision farming. We’ll help you to make farming as sustainable as possible, eliminating as much waste as we can and tracking the satellite imaging of fields.

Maximise your data and build better public services.

What We Do

We empower farmers with an e – Agriculture to get precise information on the higher market rates and understand forecasts for storing crops for forthcoming supply.

Our applications and technologies are most prominently used at the first stage where with the use of GPS and weather condition tracker, we help farmers to decide, what to crop for the specific season to get the highest yield.

Technologies We Work With