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Integrate DApps With Your Business

Application Development

Building a free blockchain infrastructure to conceive fast transactions, transparent storage, data security, and improved efficiency.

Diverse and interoperable ecosystem

Smart Team

Seracle is a diverse ecosystem to deploy in or out of Cloud blockchain and interoperate with other Hyperledger Fabric nodes.

Automated operations with a dynamic administration

Our Product

Create and manage your blockchain network, including a rich set of DevOps APIs, real-time processing, validation rules, and controls codified in smart contracts.

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The foundation for blockchain
apps in the cloud

Seracle enables you, to develop and create apps on blockchain very fast, with the full support of our blockchain experts.

DApps Solution

Seracle simplifies the formation, management, and governance of consortium blockchain networks in real-time to share data, in order to focus on business logic and app development.

Network Management

Create and configure consortium blockchain infrastructure quickly and offload network management while maintaining the ability to update over time.

Cloud Services

Seracle provides a collaborative framework for sharing reliable data and offers easy ways to adopt blockchain technology including a cloud service, an on-premises edition.

End-to-End Solution

Deploy fully managed blockchain networks in a few simple clicks, and store ledger data using blockchain data manager for end-to-end solutions.

What they say?

Seracle has designed a flexible, reliable, and scalable data streaming and access application with a few clicks. Now I can monitor my business contracts, react to transactions and events, and stream on-chain data to off-chain data stores.

Seracle has improved quality software services, and they continue to tweak its best tech support to the showdown. They gather requirements so keenly and handle a plethora of questions with the ease of providing satisfactory solutions for all. They work in all fronts from web development to app development with improved quality testing for which I recommend their service to my co-professionals out there!

True, Seracle has expanded its realm from web development and app development to high-end, quality business technology solutions and services. Seracle’s software service providing team is on the ball, providing the correct answer in a relatively quick fashion. I will definitely reach at Seracle for my future projects and highly recommend them to all!

From zero to peak productivity with redesigned latitude family! I am working with Seracle for the last few years and I am very much satisfied with their services and proactive approach while delivering results. Seracle gives you an innovative DApps solution with their out-of-the-box thinking and for that, I will suggest you shake hands with this tech-giant.

Seracle gives me a reason to trust a tech world, I literally amazed with top-notch services and leading app development, software testing, SaaS solutions, and many more hands that help to explore trending technologies under a single roof. Make your investment worth with quality software solutions by joining hands with Seracle.

“Seracle” you guys are just amazing, out-of-the-box thinking and top-notch result! They go the extra mile to make your partnership work and give you a worth feeling of complete satisfaction.

ABOUT Seracle

Blockchain Network Deployment and Operations

Get full node management and govern consortia at scale. Modular controls provide easy member onboarding, codeless, and simplified policy enforcement.